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Jennifer Rose
In 1989, I was
...a dancer and was about to replace that passion with a new one – Adventure!!

I was lying on the lawn next to the pool at the Sun City airport, waiting for the next plane to come down, so that I could have my turn at skydiving. The group of 20 friends that I had persuaded to join me in the jump were having the most amazing time. We had left the city behind us

! A silly thought occurred to me... I should start a company called Weekends Away ...the seed had been planted.

I headed up to 4 000 ft and jumped!! I went into sensory overload on my first jump and many jumps after that – However after about twelve jumps, I got over that and progressed to my first freefall.

I did a few really interesting freefalls and then decided that I wanted to fly rather than plummet and moved on to paragliding and microlighting.

Fast forward 15 years...

In 2014
• I am, a healthy, happy, baby boomer, creating the next chapter of my life
• Ex Chairperson of the Linbro Park Community Policing Forum
• Originator of the Mini MBA for the Business Women’s Association’ Mentoring Committee
• An outdoor junkie
• An Activist and mentor

I currently have seven rescue dogs on my farm.

I have three Malawian families living here and I am helping them to build a business.

I have a South African family whom I have helped, watched their children grow and get jobs. They have been with me for 20 years. Rebecca is getting training from me to start her own catering business when I leave for Mauritius.

I was the Chairperson of the Linbro Park Community Policing Forum.

I was on the Mentoring Committee of the Business Woman’s Association.

My background consists of:
Dancing, Adventure, Advertising Sales in the Corporate world, Travel and Business Owner

The World has been my school room for the past 15 years. Travel has been one of my greatest teachers
Riding Huskies in Finland Breakfast in Amsterdam

At the great Mosque in Delhi, India

Hiking the Great Wall of China

World Travel
I travel to an average of ten countries a year and have done so since 1999.
At last count it was 40 countries that I have travelled to, stretching from China to Brazil and Lesotho to Iceland!!

The list makes for interesting reading and was certainly interesting travel...
Asia: Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, South Korea, Laos
Europe: Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium
UK: Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales
Africa: Lesotho, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt
South America: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
Scandinavia: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark

Dancing Career
I danced from the age of 3 to the age of 33 – and qualified as a teacher in the following disciplines –

• Tap
• Classical Ballet
• Spanish
• Modern
• Ballroom
• Latin American
• Lindy Hop
• Contemporary

I danced in various dance shows and taught at a number of studios including three of my own. However, I realised that being a dancer had a ‘sell by date’. I did not want to be a teacher for the rest of my life, as an income it was time driven – far too limited for my goals.

I finally (I thought) said goodbye to my dancing as a career at the age of 33, and replaced my passion with a new passion …. Adventure.

As an aside, I am back in the dancing studio – my dance of choice – tap!!

I am the youngest in the class at 53………..

My teacher is 76

Cheryl turns 60, Pam is 62, Sharon turns 70, Marge is 79, Colleen turns 80, Celia is 58, Lynne is 65. WHAT INSPIRATION………….

They are all ex teachers and dancers and when we tap the roof lifts. We are working towards a trip to Sweden in July 2015. It is one of the biggest annual tap gatherings in the world

Adventure Career
Done: 17 jumps (static and free fall)

Diving - Qualified PADI Diver
Done: Dived in Sodwana, Similan Islands – Thailand, Seychelles, Kenya
Still to dive: Swim with the Whale Sharks, Dive along the Great Barrier Reef

Done: Flown in the Drakensberg, Bulwer and Betty’s Bay
Still need to fly: Lion’s Head in CT, cliffs in Turkey, Upington (best in the world for distance)

Done: Hiked most of the great South African hikes ie Otter Trail, Fanie Botha, Whale Trail, Magoebaskloof, Kruger Park, Wild Coast Hotel to Hotel
Still need to hike: New Zealand, Spanish El Camino Hike ....and so much more

Done: Trekked the Annapurna Trail in the Himalayas,
Climbed the third highest mountain in Thailand
Trekked on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Still need to do: Inca Trail, Pakistan, Everest Base Camp to Tibet, Gorillas in Uganda, Summit to Sea (Kili & Kenya)

Done: The Crystal Cave Tour, some of the Gauteng Caves and explored the caves below Budapest
Still need to do: Some cave diving

Rock Climbing
Done: Climbed in Watervalboven, Magaliesburg, Silver Mines, The Quarry in Cape Town, Ao Nang, Thailand

Done: a few of these – not big on this one, did the Gorge Swing at Vic Falls which was sort of compulsory as my brother built it!

Done: Kilimanjaro – loved it, I have decided to leave the other 6 summits to the professionals and I will focus on my own summit which is my business and my journey through life keeping the balance of family, exercise, intellectual pursuits and saving the planet.

Done: the Cape Argus 6 times (biggest timed cycling race in the world), Hyper to Hyper and a number of smaller races. I gave it a break and now by the end of 2014, I will have three of the country’s major races under my belt.
Still need to: Be the oldest women to cycle the Argus (76 years)

Run the Skukuza half marathon and did a 10 km race in Johannesburg. Not big on this

River Rafting
Done: All the major rivers in Southern Africa, Orange, Vaal, Tugela, Crocodile, Usutu, Zambezi (all 22 rapids),
Still need to do: Grand Canyon USA

In order to support my adrenalin lifestyle, I needed a career and I got involved in the Advertising world.

I studied IMM – came in the top ten in the country for my commercial law exam – and headed off into the commercial world of advertising and marketing...

Corporate Career
I worked as a sales and marketing consultant for 14 years mostly in the advertising industry and thus gained a great insight into sales, advertising and marketing which has been essential (and probably the secret of my success) in running my own business.

I stepped out of advertising three times:
1) To sell mobile phones before they even arrived in the country – I left that to start a business called Fax Base. Started it with a boyfriend, left the boyfriend and left him with the company. Went back to advertising.
2) To sell and build homes for Schachat Cullum – they closed and I went back to advertising

Companies that I worked for:
Homemakers Fair, JT Publishing, Now Media, Media Synergy, Meintjies Parker (Ad agency), Teljoy Cellular, Datatrek

Sales and marketing experience gained in the following media:
Magazines, Billboards, Radio, TV, Direct Marketing – ie fax advertising, Internet Banners

I also stepped into the cell phone industry at start up and had great success there. My final selling position was selling vehicle tracking systems – again at the beginning of the tracking rush – this was when I decided that working for targets only was no longer fun and when I reached the top of Kilimanjaro I made a commitment to open my business and to start doing something where my passion lay –

That was the start of my Business Career....


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