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Wednesday 2 June 2010

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10 Amazing Active Volcanoes
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Wine to Warm Winter
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We have a


Congratulations to
Kenna Gaskell,
wins a
Weekend Away
Views Boutique Hotel and Spa

in the Wilderness



The warm Indian Ocean waters play at the feet of the exquisite
VIEWS Boutique Hotel & Spa. An idyllic paradise from which to unlock the secrets of South Africa's famed Garden Route, a mere 20 minutes from George airport and the only luxury hotel high over the spectacular coastline. Wilderness Beach is reason enough to visit Views. Here it really does seem as though time has stood still with kilometers of safe, secluded and uninterrupted beach waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the boardwalk.



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for more on this incredible destination.





Abundance is to see that there are endless possibilities before us. And at the same time, still see an incredibly rich existence right where we are. It is a feeling of gratitude for everything and everyone we have in our life.





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The Balance of Work 2 Play




I cannot help but be even MORE optimistic about our beloved country than I was last week.

WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say.

I am writing these titbits on a flight from Jo'burg to Cape Town. If you have no reason to go to the airport in the next few weeks, then find a reason. Go for a drive - park your car and check out our beautiful airports.

I was in Cape Town last week and did not recognize the airport ... I could have quite easily have been in Frankfurt. I did not recognize OR Tambo either from last week to this. They have
flags up on the roads leading up to the airports, the trees are wrapped all the way along the highway, building sites are starting to vanish and the staff are all in place.

overly-enthusiastic nature got me into an interesting position last week during the Super 14 - Orlando Stadium was incredible, and both the Bulls and the Stormers won their games. I then bet those around me that Bafana would win the World Cup and I stand to go to Timbuktoo for winning that bet. I can't wait... finally I can figure out what the attraction was to my mom. Whenever she wanted to go somewhere without me tagging along - ie grocery shopping - she used to say she was going to Timbuktoo and children are not allowed there.

I think that we are going to have the most incredible four weeks. The world is going to watch and be devastated that they cannot be here to share the energy and happiness that I know is going to embrace us!

Only in South Africa could we do what we do, love and laugh the way we do whilst learning to work through all the other difficulties.

Viva South Africa!!



  News   |   10 Amazing Active Volcanoes  

Volcanoes are in the news and not in a good way, but Iceland's tongue-twistingly named, travel-disrupting Eyjafjallajökull volcano is just doing what volcanoes do: erupt. It's not alone, either. Around the world at any given moment, dozens of volcanoes are smoking, shaking and stirring up their neighborhoods. Click here >> to take a look at 10 of the most active ... with photographs that will leave you breathless!

Some wonder as to the reasons for the increasing appearances of volcanic eruptions in the news media (global warming? The End Times?), but in actuality it's WE who are appearing more - in closer proximity to active volcanoes than ever before. Population pressure will do that and there's nothing like an infusion of volcanic ash and minerals to boost the fertility of soil and attract opportunistic farmers. One might say, don't blame science fiction, instead blame human friction.
Source: Ecoist


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  Coaching   |   Are You Widely Read?  

In days where there are never enough hours, how is it humanly possible to sift through emails, blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook and a multitude of other sources, to discover information that is relevant to you, current and inspiring?

Recognising that this is near impossible,
Leadership Review and Entrepreneur Review will make things easier for you. These monthly e-Publications are available by subscription only, and contain a selection of aggregated topical "quick-read" articles and observations sourced from prominent thought leaders, coaches and subject experts worldwide. They are offered as a professional service by MetaCo Coaching at no cost.

Click here>> to take a look at a past issue of Leadership Review, in particular the second article, entitled "Are You Deeply Read or Widely Read".
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  Teambuilding   |   Wine to Warm Winters  

Handcrafted Wines is offering discounts on four of its most popular experiences to make sure you stay warm this winter:

Wine Blending - R265pp
The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of making your own wine, this activity will give you a chance to blend your own wine and create your own personalized label. It will also give you a new perspective on wine tastings.

Beer, Cheese and Biltong - R250pp
Learn more about Beer, how is it made and, of course, about the wonderful aromas and tastes that come with the most popular drink in the world. We will send you on an exploration of different Beer styles from around the globe and you can discover for yourself, which one is your favourite.


'Staying Single' Best of the Scottish Single Malts Whisky Experience -  R235pp
Explore the world of Whiskies - from Ireland to America ending off in Scotland. Learn about the difference of
Whisky and Whiskey - the production process - the correct tasting procedure - and the various countries
where it is produced.

And those of you with a sweet tooth have not been forgotten. For you, there's a
Port and Chocolate Tasting Experience at R310pp... need we say more?

Prices valid until 15 September 2010. Terms and Conditions apply. Book your space today - click here >>


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  Incentive Travel   |   Ski Livigno!  

Livigno Ski Resort
in Italy has an opening skiing and snowboarding special from 11 - 18 December 2010

Included is:

  • Return airport transfers - to / from Zurich Airport. Please note when booking flights, transfers to / from Zurich Airport to the resort takes 4 - 5 hours. The bus transfers will depart the Airport by 11h00 or earlier if all passengers have arrived. The bus transfers will depart the resort at 05h00. The departure time may vary depending on departing flight times and snow conditions.

  • Accommodation of choice including certain meals (depending on accommodation choice). All centrally located within the central pedestrian area of Livigno. (except semi central)

  • Dinners as specified

  • Blizzard Skiing representative in the resort to assist with ski hire, ski lessons, ski passes and resort queries.

  • Ski hire - as per ski pack - hire includes basic skis, boots and poles. Upgrade to Snowboard equipment is possible - enquire about additional costs.

  • Ski Pass - as per ski pack- covering 115km of ski area including free bus transport within the different ski areas.

To ski Livigno this December, contact us here >>



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  Events   |   Off The Wall  


The vertical dancers from Off The Wall seem to be weightless when they soar in the air - they turn the house wall or facade into a vertical stage.

The audience can experience a breathtaking aerial acrobatics choreography adapted to the venue and the occasion, impressing with its outstanding dynamics and synchronicity.

The vertical dance repertory of the flying acrobats of Jochen Schweizer ranges from perfectly executed and powerful jumps and fascinating partner acrobatics to graceful elements from the world of classic ballet - aerial acrobatics at its best!

Your company and your brand are in the spotlight of the show, the audience will link your message to the fascinating experience and remember it for a long time.

Contact us here >>
for a quote on really innovative entertainment for your event

The most important details on Vertical Ballet® at a glance:



Required min. wall height:
Required max. wall height:


Vertical Ballet®
Indoor / Outdoor; performance also possible
on a scaffolding rig
Wall height of at least 5 meters
According to your individual needs
According to your individual needs


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  Adventure News   |   SA Climbers on Everest  

Team at BC on the Rongbuk Glacier: Barend Engelbrech, Donald O'Connor, Lance Metz, Arthur Marsden, Vaughan de la Harpe, Jason Grove, Sean Disney

The team left Johannesburg at the end of March for Kathmandu where they stayed until 10th April when the Chinese finally "opened" Tibet for the mountaineering season.

On 21 May the team arrived at their final camp on the South Col, at 7 935 metres less than a thousand metres short of the summit. At 06h00 the first team member, James Haydock, stood on the summit. Veteran New Zealand guide Mike Roberts and single mother-of-four Mandy Ramsden, accompanied by Pemba Choti, on his sixth summit and Passang Bhote, on his third, topped out just under two hours later.

The team was raising money through the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) for the highly endangered African wild dog.

Read a blow-by-blow account of the climb on our website - click here >>


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  Activism   |   Hand-Raised Caracal Needs Your Help  


In order to return to the wild, this caracal needs your financial support.

Some months ago a confiscated caracal arrived at SanWild after being kept as a pet in a flat in Pretoria. This stunning animal is truly magnificent, but despite our intensive rehabilitation program it still has not managed to wild up enough and practice its hunting skills.

Staff have been taking this caracal on daily walks, but the constant presence of people has not allowed it to develop and practice its natural hunting skills. Normally smaller predators such as this caracal will be placed in a large natural habitat enclosure away from the rehabilitation centre and will be left on its own to develop its natural instincts while still being supplied with food.

Unfortunately for this caracal we have not managed to place it in its own natural habitat enclosure as other small predators such as serval, civet, badgers and jackals arrive at the centre on a regular basis and these animals use up the available enclosures.

Time unfortunately is now running out for this beautiful animal and us; if we cannot get it into an enclosure within weeks, it may never develop its natural hunting instincts and will not be able to return to the wild. This would mean a dreadfully boring life in captivity and this animal removed from the wild illegally certainly does not deserve such a fate.

We have now put together the costs for a release enclosure and would like to ask for your financial help to get this caracal back to the wild ASAP.



Once the caracal has been released the enclosure constructed for him will serve as a release enclosure for other wildlife.

We would greatly appreciate your help to raise the $3500 US necessary to build an enclosure large enough that will allow small predators to develop their natural hunting skills in safety before they are released back to the wild.

For more information please email
Louise Joubert on  or go to our website to make an on-line donation. Use the dropdown box to find CARACAL APPEAL. Please remember that many small donations will help us to make up the total of $3500.00. If you can only make a small contribution it will be greatly appreciated.

Contact us here >>
for more information.


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