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Wednesday 5 May 2010

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Holiday Inn Rosebank

Time to Head for the Bushes


Twelve Cs for Teambuilding

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Uniquely Qualified...


Off The Wall

 Adventure News

Team bizhub dominates joBerg2c
 MTB Stage Race


Houbara Bustard a threat to conservation
 in South Africa


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Weekend Away to
Views Boutique Hotel and Spa

in the Wilderness



The warm Indian Ocean waters play at the feet of the exquisite
VIEWS Boutique Hotel & Spa. An idyllic paradise from which to unlock the secrets of South Africa's famed Garden Route, a mere 20 minutes from George airport and the only luxury hotel high over the spectacular coastline. Wilderness Beach is reason enough to visit Views. Here it really does seem as though time has stood still with kilometers of safe, secluded and uninterrupted beach waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the boardwalk.



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"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake.

Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way."

Martin Luther King Jr





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The Balance of Work 2 Play




There is a new joke going around and it appeals to my offbeat sense of humour, especially due to the fact that my German husband always states that when he came to South Africa, part of the contract was the sunshine.

What comes after two days of rain in Gauteng?
Monday :)

What are you doing with your rainy days?

I have got to the point where I cannot watch another DVD, the titles start to blur with the stories.

Fortunately though, I have homework (this coaching thing is hard work!!). These are some of the books that I am reading whilst tucked up on the couch in front of the fire place.

How God changes your Brain: Breakthrough findings from a leading Neuroscientist
by Andrew Newberg MD (Scientific as opposed to religious)
The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People by Patrick Holford
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin
Greatness Guide (1 + 2) by Robin Sharma

There are actually 12 books in the tower next to my bed and only one is a fiction book. I feel as though I have gone back to being a student again due to the information overload.

All of the books are really great reads and are definitely books that you as business owners or senior management should have on your bookshelves.

Wishing you a warm and productive week




  News   |   Holiday Inn Rosebank  

It's one of the hottest new addresses in town located in Rosebank's trendy The Zone shopping district and just metres away from Rosebank's new Gautrain station. The brand new Holiday Inn Rosebank, offering 158 rooms, opens its doors on May 7.
Managed by ISO Leisure, Holiday Inn Rosebank will offer guests access to a business centre, fitness centre, outdoor pool, cocktail bar and restaurant, among other facilities.

InterContinental Hotels Group, under which the Holiday Inn brand falls, already has seven hotels and 1 621 rooms in South Africa, including two InterContinental hotels, one Crowne Plaza hotel, one Holiday Inn hotel and three Holiday Inn Express hotels.

The Holiday Inn brand is undergoing the biggest relaunch in the hospitality industry with a US$1bn investment across more than 3 200 hotels and 430 000 rooms worldwide. All Holiday Inn hotels in South Africa have already been re-launched well ahead of the December deadline.


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  Conferencing   |   Time to Head for the Bushes  


Our chosen conference venue this week has to be somewhere bushy...

Can you guess what the name of the venue is? No prize, just a mention in the next newsletter

Three Clues: Situated in a Game Reserve, Close to Johannesburg, Big Five

Have you got conferences that are planned for the second half of the year and you still have not booked your venue?

We have found that the availability after July is scarce, due to the fact that any conferences that usually take place in June have all had to move.

Give us a call and we will whip up
3 venue options for your conference and get them back to you in a jiffy.

Contact us here >> for a quote for this venue for your conference.


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  Teambuilding   |   Twelve Cs for Teambuilding  

No matter what you call your team-based improvement effort: continuous improvement, total quality, lean manufacturing or self-directed work teams, you are striving to improve results for customers.

Few organizations, however, are totally pleased with the results their team improvement efforts produce.
If your team improvement efforts are not living up to your expectations, this self-diagnosing checklist may tell you why. Successful team building, that creates effective, focused work teams, requires attention to each of the following.

  • Clear Expectations Context Commitment Competence

  • Charter Control Collaboration Communication

  • Creative Innovation Consequences Coordination Cultural Change

Spend time and attention on each of these twelve tips to ensure your work teams contribute most effectively to your business success. Your team members will love you, your business will soar, and empowered people will "own" and be responsible for their work processes.

Can your work life get any better than this?
To read the full article, click here >>

Contact us here >> for a quote for some wonderful winter teambuilding get-togethers


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  Incentive Travel   |   Uniquely Qualified...  

What makes us so uniquely qualified to plan your next unique incentive trip? It is the fact that we as a team have travelled extensively... Last year I travelled to 14 countries - four of them were behind "the iron curtain".

I am about to embark on another exciting trip this month - Exploring the
Breweries and Monastries of Belgium.

For those that know beer, this is probably the beer capital of the world.

I will also be on the look out for some adventure whilst there and will report back to you.

Contact us here >>
for a quote for your company incentive.


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  Events   |   Off The Wall  

The ball is round! Like in a normal soccer match!
Apart from that, everything is different:

  • The Flying Soccer playing field is tilted by 90 degrees in the vertical direction to the façade.

  • The referee and the players fly in the air, secured by ropes, and perform artistic movements in the vertical.

  • The spectators - many spectators! - are not placed in tiered seating blocks and look down to the playing field, they rather look astonished in the upward direction to the vertical kickers.

Most important... You can see your logo and your brand on and besides the Flying Soccer playing field and on the shirts of the players!

Contact us here >>
for a quote.on a really innovative addition to your event



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  Adventure News   |   Team Bizhub Dominates Race  

Lise Olivier and Yolandi du Toit of Team bizhub made a clean sweep of the eight timed stages to win the women's section of the inaugural Fairbairn Capital/Old Mutual joBerg2c paired mountain bike race by the proverbial country mile in Scottburgh on Saturday.

The twosome - who finished third in the recent Subaru sani2c - completed the nine-day, 923km ordeal between Johannesburg and the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in 45 hours 16 minutes and 50 seconds, more than two hours faster than their closest opponents.

Catherine Roberts and Marleen Lourens (Ducky Muds) were second, with Leanne Lange and Brenda Potts (Team Medscheme) completing the podium.


Veterans Andrew McLean and Shan Wilson (Toyota Cycle Lab) recorded the fastest overall time of 38:22:42.

"For many reasons, this is one of the most important wins of my career," said Du Toit, who replaced team-mate Ischen Stopforth a mere two days before the race started. "To be honest, I didn't think it would be this hard."

Du Toit (24) said she and Olivier (26) both experienced one "bad" day during the tour, but they were able to nurse each other to the finish on each occasion. "That's what team riding is all about.

"One's body goes through many ups and downs during a race like this and it is the teams
who are able to adapt the best that come out on top. The secret of a fast time is how well the
stronger rider on the day can look after the weaker one."

Du Toit said although the first day (121km between Suikerbosrand and Frankfort) was a neutral and therefore untimed stage due to the crossing of the Vaal River, it did a lot of damage and contributed greatly to the outcome of the race.

"Large stretches were over grasslands, which were very bumpy and energy-sapping. For me, it was one of the toughest days."

The former Pick 'n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge champion was full of compliments for her less experienced team-mate. "She is a very consistent rider, which is exactly what you want in a race like this."

Du Toit said the first three days were a shock to their systems due to the wet conditions. "Although the stages became slightly less demanding after that, your body gets more and more tired as you go along and in the end it becomes a battle of wills."

The Team bizhub duo is scheduled to take part in the 75km Karkloof Classic in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday.

Stopforth, who withdrew from the joBerg2c due to illness, meanwhile won the three-day Klein Karoo Classic in Calitzdorp over the weekend. She finished first in all three stages en-route to a fifth place overall.

The reigning MTN Series champion will now focus on preparing for the Amarider 100 Miler in Durbanville on May 22 as she continues her comeback from a broken collarbone and cracked pelvis.


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  Activism   |   Houbara Bustard Threat  

"Conservationists are concerned about the conservation threat of releasing Houbara Bustards into South Africa for hunting purposes."



We, the organisations listed below, react with dismay to the receipt of information suggesting that there is interest in the hunting of Houbara Bustards by means of falcons in South Africa. According to information received, there is intention by Arab falconers to establish a Houbara Bustard breeding facility in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and to release and hunt these bustards with large exotic falcons. We wish to state, in the strongest terms, that we are vehemently opposed to this suggestion.

We understand that there may also be an intention to hunt indigenous bustards and korhaans with exotic falcons, which we also strongly oppose.

The basis of our opposition to any such proposals would be that:

  • The release of exotic species into the natural environment to be hunted is contrary to existing biodiversity legislation and could be detrimental to the conservation of indigenous birds.

  • Falconry is the art of hunting wild quarry with a trained hawk. The practice of "put and take" hunting where quarry species are released into the natural environment and then hunted does not fit this definition and would, in our opinion, be unethical.

  • We are of the opinion that the captive breeding of Houbara Bustards in South Africa on a scale that permits their hunting by falcons is impractical and, probably, not feasible. We have real concern that this activity may be used as a front to enable the hunting of indigenous bustard species.

  • Ten species of bustards occur in South Africa, of which six are endemic (or near-endemic) to southern Africa (in other words, found nowhere else in the world) and of which six are listed in The Eskom Red Data Book of Birds of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The Denham's Bustard and Blue Korhaan are also listed as ‘Near-threatened' internationally.

  • Whilst we strongly support the concept of sustainable utilization, including the sustainable hunting of natural resources, and view this as a significant conservation tool, we believe that hunting of indigenous bustards and korhaans is not sustainable, in line with their current legal status within South Africa. Hunting would be an additional threat for these species, all of which breed slowly and are threatened by many other human-induced factor

  • The South African Falconry Association (SAFA) has very strict regulations regarding the use of exotic raptors for falconry. With the application of these regulations, the loss of a free-flying exotic raptor into the environment becomes a very rare event. In this way the use of exotic raptors for falconry is not a contravention of existing biodiversity legislation and does not threaten the natural biodiversity of South Africa. In practical terms, only exotic raptors can be used to hunt Houbara Bustards. We would oppose, in the strongest terms, the possession of exotic raptors, which may be used for falconry, by any persons not affiliated to SAFA and not subject to these SAFA regulations.

  • We take pride in the history of co-operation by hunters, including falconers, with South Africa's conservation authorities with particular regard to sustainable utilization issues in general and falconry in particular and we would oppose any practices which would not conform with acceptable sustainable utilization standards of practice and ethics.



We question why the Northern Cape Government is considering this application, which may pre-empt the national translocation policy under discussion by the national Department of Environmental Affairs, provincial conservation authorities and the hunting industry, given that such a policy may apply very strict controls on the movement of non-indigenous animals including the Houbara Bustard and exotic falcons.

We question the failure of the Northern Cape Provincial Government to inform and consult with established stakeholder organisations about this application.

We call on the Northern Cape Government and any other provincial administration to reject any application for permits to captive-breed Houbara Bustards or hunt any bustards and korhaans by exotic falcons.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Adrian Lombard

South African Falconry Association
23 5th Ave
Fish Hoek

Mobile: +27(0)83 462 9486




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