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There is no doubt that the need for effective leadership in Africa is high, but traditionally...


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Watch The Kauffman Foundation President and CEO Carl Schramm discuss three critical things that entrepreneurs do - they birth the new, create jobs and create wealth.



They are the only oceans that we have...
They have been evolving for billions of years
They are essential for life on earth
So who is looking after them for us?
In 2000 a group set out on a journey of discovery
To question what had been happening to the World's Oceans
What they uncovered was more shocking than what they ever imagined
We must decide the future of the Oceans
The End of the line is a movie you must see ... click here to see the trailer ...
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The last communication that we had was just before the World Cup.
Life changed between then and now as life is wont to do.

Firstly we had over 50 Germans staying in our German village during the world cup which kept everyone very busy until the end of July.
The sheer joy of seeing our country through foreigners eyes was probably the most rewarding experience of the whole World Cup. I felt an almost overwhelming rush of patriotism and pride, almost 24 hours a day!!
We had a communal dining, bar area where the games were shown 24 hours a day. It was amazing how my how my soccer knowledge went from zero to fundi in a short four weeks.
The Germans were sent around the country to various game farms and neighbouring countries in between matches. The various places on the itinerary included Soweto, PIlansberg, Lion Park, Swaziland, Vic Falls and more. I forgot to mention that the group consisted of men only!! I was had one female friend from Germany, taking care of the running of the village and for the rest, we were engulfed in a men's world.
All of the men have promised to bring back their wives and children in the near future and I have no doubt that our countries tourism industry will grow substantially over the next few years.
My treat after all the hard work and the changes was a break with Oliver in Iceland -
read more below ...

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Skiddo on Vatnajokull the largest glacier in Iceland ...
There is so much to do in Iceland that I am going to do this in instalments.
One of the most exciting things that we did was snow mobiling on a glacier. We headed up the most beautiful pass - and saw where part of Batman was filmed. The 4x4 vehicle we travelled in, had the biggest tyres you have ever seen!!
Once we got to the top, we kitted up in winter gear, even though at the bottom of the glacier it was summer.
Once that was done, we set off onto the glacier on Skidoo's which are known to be the best snowmobiles in the world....
The view at the top was spectacular, it is a white world, filled with crevasses of 100 meters deep...
This is a definite for your bucket list...

Voluntourism   Adventure News

Wildlife Work that Matters


The CounterBalance Trust

For something different, spend your budget on something that matters - send your team out into the bush to do some wonderful wildlife work with the animals.
Situated in South Africa's Limpopo Province, approximately 60km's from the town of Tzaneen is the Sanctuary.

Our exclusive Private Bush Camp has been named after a female leopard rescued in 2003 after hunters trapped her illegally for a canned hunt....

Savannah was trapped in a trap cage and when she fought desperately to free herself; biting and clawing at the metal bars, she broke her canines. Fortunately they could be repaired at the Onderstepoort veterinary institute in Pretoria. Sadly, at the time of her capture, she was nursing, but all attempts to find her unweaned cubs failed. After making a full recovery from her ordeal, Savannah was released in our sanctuary and regularly hunts in the area around the camp.


CounterBalance is a non-profit Trust based in the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in June 2010 it was created to be a credible organisation that would assist in the generation and resourcing of funds for unicycle based adventures in South Africa. In conjunction, CounterBalance offers the dynamic medium of unicycling to adventure.


Relive the legacy of the famed San people and absorb the grandeur of the little Karoo at Mantis property, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, only a three hour drive from Cape Town, between the towns of Barrydale and Montagu on the renowned Route 62, the longest wine route in the world. Sanbona, a 54 000 reserve offers three luxurious lodges, each surrounded by towering mountains and open plains that boast an impressive collection of succulents and wildlife, supporting 650 plant and 160 bird species, impressive rock formations, San Bushman paintings, the famed Big 5 and free roaming white lions. The clear skies of the little Karoo region offer magnificent star gazing opportunities. The sheer expanse and stark beauty of Sanbona gives one a sense of humility, the realization of the inconsequentialities of life and a temporary release of the daily stresses of everyday living. For more information please contact Mantis Central Reservations on 041 407 1000, or visit Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is a Mantis property and a member of Mantis Preferred Boutique Hotels™.

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