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Wednesday 19 May 2010

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Weekend Away to
Views Boutique Hotel and Spa

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The warm Indian Ocean waters play at the feet of the exquisite
VIEWS Boutique Hotel & Spa. An idyllic paradise from which to unlock the secrets of South Africa's famed Garden Route, a mere 20 minutes from George airport and the only luxury hotel high over the spectacular coastline. Wilderness Beach is reason enough to visit Views. Here it really does seem as though time has stood still with kilometers of safe, secluded and uninterrupted beach waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the boardwalk.



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"Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time."

- Charles M Schulz






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The Balance of Work 2 Play





What do you do when you get to a cross roads? I either need to go for a long walk in the mountains, or if I am stuck in the city, I need to go for a drive. This simple action takes my mind away from the problem at hand, gives me time to focus on other things and oddly enough, somehow the problem seems easier to resolve after that.

This Saturday I took a drive through Newtown on my way to the Oriental Plaza. My entry point to the city was the Mandela bridge. I travel into the city centre at least three times a week, however it is usually so crowded, it is difficult to see anything other than the traffic. On Saturday there was hardly any traffic and there was time to really admire the work that has been done on the inner city.


The architecture is phenomenal, the restoration of old buildings (well done especially to Anglo Gold) is spectacular and there was not a paper to be found on the streets. Having travelled to cities around the world, I can honestly say that Johannesburg is a world class city.

I also feel so proud to be a South African and to see all the work that has been done in the face of such controversy and ongoing political angst. Well done Johannesburg - we are ready for the world to see. I cannot wait to switch on the TV and see the various cities of our country displayed for all the world to see.



  News   |   Caracals Get Football Fever  
  Written by JeVanne Gibbs  

Football is popping up all over these days as the World Cup looms ever closer. Even the zoo's caracals are getting into the game.

Jonathan and Kelly, the zoo's caracals, got to spend the day playing football as part of the Johannesburg Zoo's football-inspired behaviour enrichment programme, on Friday 14 May.

Caracals have a close resemblance to pumas The exotic cats, with their black ears and long tufts of hair, displayed their natural feline ability as they jumped around trying to catch the balls that the zoo keeper threw into their enclosure. Caracals are endangered in Asia, yet hunted as vermin in South Africa. They are common in Israel, rare in Pakistan, and almost extinct in India.
The zoo will be hosting various activities during the FIFA World Cup that will keep locals and tourists alike entertained.

One of the activities planned include having "All Star" games that will feature the best of the Football Friday games that were held since February. This will include Triton and his pack of lions that proved to be the most popular during the football-inspired behavioural programme. The "All Star" games will also feature the chimpanzees and elephants that greatly impressed with their football skills. The "All Star" games are scheduled to start on Friday, 11 June.

Several animals have already taken part in the Football Friday enrichment programme, including the camels, the lions and the bears. Others will also get their turn in the run up to the football World Cup in June, among them the polar bears, rhinos and red bellied lemurs. The programme starts every Friday at 11am promptly.

Take your team along to the Jo'burg Zoo on Friday, support the zoo and enjoy your Football Friday


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  Conferencing   |   Score at Soccer Village  

Most venues are fully booked for the next two month due to Socccer Teams arriving. Their support and backup crew together with the team generally take up the full hotel and the public is not allowed entry to the venues.

It has been quite exciting being in the industry to find out which team is staying where.

This however leaves us as South African corporate high and dry for choice in terms of a venue, should we need to have our strat session, management meeting etc.

We as a company have kept tabs of what is still available where and will be able to give you a selection of at least three venues for your conference during this time.

One of our favourite is placed in a Soccer Village. Your team will be sure to work well in the environment and then enjoy the village and all it has to offer afterwards.

Contact us here >> for a quote for this venue for your conference.


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  Teambuilding   |   Soccer Fan Workshop  

Our most popular teambuilding event at the moment has to be the Soccer Fan Workshop...

Don’t miss out on this wonderful once in a life time opportunity to learn the Diski Dance, paint and design your own makaraba and learn to blow the Vuvuzela.

Contact us here >> for a quote for some wonderful winter teambuilding get-togethers


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  Incentive Travel   |   Monkey Business in Malaysia  

Do something worthwhile for your company incentive this year... Spend time at this wonderful Orangutan centre in Malaysia.

Without finding a home at Samboja Lestari (which means 'Samboja Forever' in Indonesian) these orangutans would surely have been killed or sold into the illegal pet trade. Looking after so many orangutans is a very costly operation and the project needs your help. Samboja Lestari strives to rehabilitate and prepare the orangutans for future release into the wild. By contributing your time and money you therefore not only enrich the lives of the animals at the centre, but also help re-populate and conserve these magnificent creatures. As a volunteer you will also help reforest the logged lands that surround the centre, contributing directly to the conservation effort.

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for a quote for your company incentive.


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  Events   |   For Breathtaking Moments...  

The vertical dancers from Off The Wall seem to be weightless when they soar in the air - they turn the house wall or façade into a vertical stage.

The audience can experience a breathtaking aerial acrobatics choreography adapted to the venue and the occasion, impressing with its outstanding dynamics and synchronicity.

The vertical dance repertory of the flying acrobats of Jochen Schweizer ranges from perfectly executed and powerful jumps and fascinating partner acrobatics to graceful elements from the world of classic ballet - aerial acrobatics at its best!

Your company and your brand are in the spotlight of the show, the audience will link your message to the fascinating experience and remember it for a long time.

Contact us here >>
for a quote on really innovative entertainment for your event

The most important details on Vertical Ballet® at a glance:



Required min. wall height:
Required max. wall height:


Vertical Ballet®
Indoor / Outdoor; performance also possible
on a scaffolding rig
Wall height of at least 5 meters
According to your individual needs
According to your individual needs


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  Adventure News   |   Skydive Everest!  

Finally a new goal to add to my ever lengthening list!! May is the month to Skydive Everest. We are too late for May, but if you and your team would like to give it a bash for October, we are still taking bookings. Click here >> to watch the video...



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  Activism   |   Garden of Life  

Community Micro Farming Systems


Food is the essence of life. Without food we cannot exist. The greatest fallacy which exists is the fact that we as human beings are reliant on other people to provide us with food. Since the existence of time we’ve been blessed with natural resources which provide us with food in many different forms. Be it meat, fruit, fish or vegetables.

The tragedy however is that for thousands of years, most families produced their own food which they planted and harvested depending on the seasons. The people of Africa that roamed and inhabited this continent were specifically proficient and skilled in the planting and the raising of crops on a small scale . They provided for their own and created sustainable food sources that nourished their families.

Why did this all change?

We have become reliant on others for our every day needs. We have lost the basic skills which were natural to us.

We need to rekindle these skills and teach them to our youth. We need to become self sufficient in producing the crops that give us life.

This is the message we bring through the Garden of Life

Send your team out for a day and help build a Garden of Life for a needy community.

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for more info

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